Talking about soups normally means wintertime, long days full of rain, snowy and foggy weather outside. Is easy to explain why soups are commonly considered one of the boriest dishes to cook.
Let’s face this argument in a different way! Today I will show you some delicious and exotic ideas that will change your opinion about soups.
In this article, you will discover some of the most delicious and original soups recipes from all over the world.

Soups recipes: 5 of the most exotic of the world


Sopa Azteca

This is one of the most tasty and ancient soups recipes! This Mexican soup is part of the traditional home cooking receipt and Is made with elementary ingredients of the Mexican cuisine like tomato, avocado, onion, a mixture of spices and a topping of crunchy tortillas fined chopped !

Moqueca de Peixe

typical dish from Bahia, maybe original from Rio, the Moqueca de Peixe is an extraordinary Fish soup prepared with withe fish, shrimps, pepperoni, coconut milk and coriander. This genuine mixture of ingredients make this soup a comfort food that allow your mind to travel to the exotical Brasilian beaches. Not bad when the grayness outside knock the door during winter time!


This is a soup typical from Canada. It’s name comes from a french term that means banquet. The name is already a clue that suggest us the richness of this succulent dish!

This soup is a glorious mixture of potatoes, onions, different kind of meat mainly chicken and rabbit cooked slowly to preserve all the taste of the meat.


Let’s jump to the other side of the Atlantic to discover a soup from eastern Europe. The Borscht soup is original from Ukrania and this is already a good sign since Ukrainian people certainly know how to face cold weather in a colorful and delicious way. The heroe ingredient that gives a nice color to the soups is the beet to which you need to add some carrots, onions, cabbage, beans and some meat as chicken, ox or pork to make it even more succulent!

Chan Chua Ca

And the last but not least of the most exotic soup recipes is the Chan Chua Ca soup. This Vietnamese dish is make with fish, vegetables and soy beans sprouts. A healthy comfort soup that definitely deservs a thumbs up!

We are sure that these 5 exotic recipes will change your mind about soups!

Write a comment and share with us which of these comfort recipes will accompany you during winter time!

5 Exotic Soups You Should Try
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5 Exotic Soups You Should Try
There are at least 5 Exotic Soups Recipes that you should try to understand how amazing a soup can be! Let's discover them in our article on Malta Chef!